Andrew Dean

The Trust was very generous in its support for my final year of research in Oxford for my doctorate (in English literature). The grant gave me the space to read and write, taking away the often disabling financial pressure that many students feel late in their doctorates. I am particularly grateful for this – I received the gift of time, allowing me to sharpen my thinking and look to the future. I value too the connection the AMRT grant made between my work and the humanities in New Zealand. The humanities in NZ are my intellectual home – my early encounters with Janet Frame, Landfall, and the faculty at the University of Canterbury continue to ground my literary and political thinking. It was an enormous privilege to have received an ARMT grant, and I encourage anybody thinking of applying to put in an application.


I’m currently in the process of applying for academic jobs in English Literature – I’m looking all over the world at the moment. I’m focusing on getting academic work published, with the aim of turning my thesis into a book. I am also beginning to think about writing projects in New Zealand for popular audiences, following Ruth, Roger, and Me – but nothing is decided at this stage.

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