Here are the past recipients of the award:

2019: Evangeline Riddiford Graham, Auckland

2018: Madeleine Ballard, Auckland

2018: Clare Hood, Auckland

2017: Scholarship was not offered this year

2016: Lorelle McNaughton, Auckland

2016: Anna Whitaker, Canterbury

2015: Olivia Francis, Auckland

2015: Andrew Dean, Canterbury

2014: Alice Oram, Auckland

2014: Olivia Francis, Auckland

2013: Tianyi Lu, Auckland, Music

2012: Andrew Faleatua, Auckland, Music

2012: Campbell Birch, Auckland

2012: Thomas Eves, Canterbury

2011: John-Paul Muir, Auckland, Music

2011: Jun Bouterey-Ishido, Canterbury

2011: Richard Frater, Auckland

2011: Sean Grattan, Auckland, Fine Arts

2010: Briar March, Auckland

2010: Chen (Tony) Lin, Canterbury

2009: Christopher Cottrell, Auckland, Fine Arts

2009: Jun Bouterey-Ishido, Canterbury

2008: Xiaoman (Nova) Jiang, Auckland, Fine Arts

2007: Alwyn Westbrooke, Canterbury

2007: Simone Roggen, Auckland

2006: André Hemer, Canterbury

2006: Kate Spence (Now Kate Webber), Auckland, Music

2005: Julia Dibley, Auckland

2004: Cushla Donaldson, Auckland

2004: Emma Ferguson, Canterbury

2003: Carolyn Wu (now Carolyn Johnson), Canterbury

2002: Elizabeth Farrell, Auckland, Music